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03/04 June Inner Harmonic Formation

Saturday 3rd of June

Opening Space 20:00pm

Group Heart Connection

Open Night Ceremony Wachuma 22:22pm

Sunday 4th of June

Receiving the Light of days

Blessing of the Food

Community Breakfast

Close Night Ceremony Wachuma

Integration and Celebration

Closing Ceremony Space 13:13 pm

A blessed day Beloved,

Through Time and Space we converge in the here and Now, to Remember the seeds and Gifts we have planted to come to fruition in our present experience. Coming out of our mental constriction, of our emotional jail as our human body adapts and shifts in to alignment with our cosmic blueprint. Being and experiencing the amazing transformations of our awareness witnessing our beautiful Mother Earth becoming a Diamond star.

When the Suns align, our Hearts ignite and expand, beyond the horizons of our imagination, breaking and tearing the veil into rainbow strings of Krystal celebration, unveiling the magnificence of our Presence, unveiling the Diamond temples of Heart resonance, radiating our deepest Love and gratitude for our Beloved Mother Earth as the Guardians we are.

With each alignment we raise our frequency, we open our hearts, consciously creating the space and opportunity for ourselves to evolve, to expand, for souls to unit in celebration of life.

In co creation with the Spirit of Wachuma, in a small group and in a private location setting to dive deep within our selves and connect deeply with every aspect of our being.

The ceremony is for those who feel a calling to go deeper within self in a safe space, held with integrity and honesty, to co create and to transmute for the highest possible outcome for one and all in that moment. Embracing Live and opening the veils of illusion, strengthening our core and pillar, with gratitude, with music, with Silence, with medicine, with practices, with joy, with Laughter, with food.

For those who feel a resonance for such an experience feel free to contact any time at

+44 7759819619 or

Spirit of Wachuma gently enters our Heart and touches upon those blockages that are ready to be seen, to be felt, to be transmuted in to Light and in to Love.

We can allow ourselves to embrace all that is been shown and root deeply in to the earth and in to the cosmos.

We co create a beautiful space of compassion and integrity, a safe space where we can simply be, without judgements and fear. So you can remember you, from before distortion, your true light essence, your authentic Heart expression.

I hold ceremony with the energy of our Krystal Heart, for those who feel a call to look within, sometimes you can feel stuck or blocked in your Lives or wish to liberate yourselves from obsolete paradigms and believes, old Patterns and behaviours, difficult family constellations, Addictions, fear and doubt.

The connective strength of the Wachuma cactus is profound, it will work its way in to the core of your being where deep emotional patterns are hidden. It moves the stuck energy and help to feel ourselves and to deeper connect with ourselves.

The medicine Wachuma is very good for treatments and healing of Alzheimer, Anxiety, the nervous systems, Addictions, Impotency, Depressions, sleep distortions, Childhood Trauma, helps with the process of Griefing, self-acceptance.

The sacred medicine has a ceremonial setting where each participant can fully engage with oneself in a save and protected energetic environment.

The ceremony is all Night. It is Recommendable to have the next day free.

We have an inside warm space with stove for the cold moments.

We meet at 19:00 pm, starting the ceremony at 20:00pm and we will be closing the space 11am – Noon.

There is the possibility to work with the medicine Romé poto (Hape'h)’ We share Medicine songs, Life teachings, Knowledge sharing, Wisdom words, practices, a variety of possibilities during the Ceremony, depending on the moment, and what is needed, in a safe space held with the highest integrity and Love.

The ceremonies will be guided by Willka Sunquqñan, sacred path of the Heart, (Tom) I have been working with respect, Integrity and honesty, seriousness and consciousness with many years of experience from heart to heart. My path is a path of presence, practice in sowing seeds of awareness, synchronizing in community, with the purpose to live in harmony with our cosmic mother and Father.

With my roots in the lowlands, and having lived more than ten years in Peru, in the Highlands, active lived experiences in different areas of work, locations, teachings, pathways, tools, templates, natural medicines, embodied and practised.

Sacred Path of the heart (Willka Sunquqñan), Quantum Creation.

I AM being my authentic expression, with an open Heart, centred and compassionate, in service. Inviting you to be you. Upholding Krystic core values and the Law of One, Embodying the highest possible frequency and resonance in every now moment, anchoring a stable Diamond Pillar structure for deep recalibration.

Some requirements for the ceremony:

• Empty stomach, no food after 14pm (only a bit of water or tea)

• When you feel you can bring some vegan food, fruits, nuts, or other, to share at the end of the ceremony. Flowers for the altar.

• Rain poncho/ warm clothes for later in the afternoon. (if necessary)

• Preparation physical: 3 days no alcohol, drugs, medications, healthy food, no meat, abstain from any sexual activity.

• Preparation Mentally: Meditation, Setting Intention,

• Preparation Energetically: NO discussions, TV, intense movies, loud music, lessening judgments.

It’s always empowering to come together in community, as a family.

For ‘Inner Harmonic Formation Ceremony’ , with the Spirit of Wachuma,

in a small group setting of max. 8 people.

Contribution is set at £222,

A Deposit of £50 is required to confirm (no refund).

Rest can be gifted in cash at the day of Ceremony.

When deposit is made, exact location details will be sended

With gratitude from our Diamond Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

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