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15-04 Community Sacred Fire

Community Sacred Fire

Beloved Brothers and sisters, Cosmic Family of the Heart,

Saturday 15th of April, we open our Space and Hearts to come together and Younite around the Sacred fire of Community.

A moment to share our Heart Presence and come together to realign our focus to that what is truly essential on the Pathway of our evolution.

All our cosmic family is invited to join our Community Scared Fire, freely and voluntarily. Do Bring your Hearts, Songs, Love, Body, with your homemade food, and drinks to share. We have music to play, stories to tell, food to share, Spring water to share. For our allotments and Gardens we can share and exchange organic seeds for our own food to grow, share tips and tricks.

Children are welcome offcourse to join as the great teachers they are. We have a trampoline for their physical workout, A fairy tree house to play and Discover, with cushions, small slide, hammocks, a Tent for games, drawing and such.

Our initiative is to present and co-create a space for a healthy way of living, Community Support, returning to our origin, remembering our awareness and innerstanding of the flow of consciousness and the dynamics of co-creation. From our Hearts Dreams Blossom.

This will be a re-occurring Community Sacred Fire for our Cosmic Family which will be free to join for everyone. There is a possibility to share donations to assist and support our initiatives if this resonates with you.

With Blessings from our Hearts

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

HuWa HaYa (Tom and Christa)

For further information you can reach us on the following numbers:

+44 7759 819 619 (Tom)

+44 7738 413 008 (Christa)

(WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal) Or through messenger

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