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A New Day See

A new Day See

A new beginning

The day has come

Inner union twinning

Ceiving golden wisdom

A heart of gold

Ray's of pure white

St Mary's story told

Solar codes to ignite

The child of innocence

Dancing with joy

Gratitude and reverence

within our Love will deploy

In Silence I retrieve

Listening to the winds

Embodying my pain and grief

Allowing Spirals to Spin

A secret hidden from Sight

So distant yet so close

To be found passing the night

Revealing itself under our nose

A distant feeling Telepathy

That unite us all

A communal feeling Sympathy

That answers the call

In my dreams they come near

Showing the truth within

Overcoming all my fears

My path to walk a new begin

In the day Eye See

As solar codes unfold

The union petals of a DaySee

Weaving St Michaels and Mary's gold

The medicine that she is

Purifying the lines of blood

Pearls and drops of bliss

Margaritas for those who did forgot

Do not be swepped away

By the intent to control

Walk your path without astray

Your inner truth will Stand tall

She Whispers hope and renewal

Guarded by the petals of Marguerite

You'll see disapate the dual

For divine trinity to ignite

Plucking the Hearts of gold

Diamond truths of my INsperience

I love myself wild and bold

Creating a new EXperience

Blessings from our innocent Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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