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A Tails Tale

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

It seems yesterday

That I dreamt

About the future

To be in the present

Inter change in between

Vertical movements

Horizontal waves

Rolling to the shores

Surfing the waves

Who is surfing who

What is serving what

Simply serving the waves

Polishing the krystal beach

Be each and every Krystal

Receiving waves of compassion

Aquatic fragments of Love

When realisation drops in

Dripping silent wisdom

In the Grail of creation

Rippling eternal sounds

A Grail unique in itself

Pure Love vibration

Electric ecstatic bliss

Magnetic graceful joy

The body adapting

Or perception of body shifting

We are becoming lighter

Or realising that we are that

Remembering what was not forgotten

The sorrow of the Heart

To be embraced and Felt

In its purest essence

Calling back all fragments

Children of creation

Key holders and gate keepers

Master guardians of Blossoming Earth

Eye to "I"

Mother Dragon

Eternal Breath

We share

We drink

eachother Tears

We Breath

Eachother Fires

You bring me to heights

Unknown by Many

To Fall in eternal Depths

Known by the One

To Rise again

In the Flight

Of the Child

As a Golden Spiral

Beloved Mother,


As your Tail

Sweps away all

That what is left

Krystal Tear drops

Eternal seeds

Grail of creation

I embrace that

Eye perceive

As I real eyes

I am





With Grace Eye am my Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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