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Sacred mountain, Sacred Apu, Sacred Grandfather.

Waters Spring to nurture the womb and fertilise the Soul,

Where Grandmother receives the Sun and emanates her Wisdom through her Crown.

Glaciers melting, touched by the Purity of Crone,

releasing ancestors from their stasis, awakening the Sacred lotus within.

The seed sprouts, germinates, grows,

blossoms in to its fullest potential,

materialising memories imprinted

through the blue flame of Mother's Love.

The Child Breaths fresh winds,

giving life to the Valley of Transformation,

the Hills of explorations.

The Cradle of Sound,

Birthing the voices of playful Union through every drop that touches the Harmonic Ocean.

Transparent fields of Joy flickering in the eyes of the innocent beholder.

Peace resides in the inner knowing of Grace and Humility,

Timeless admiration of boundless freedom and eternal Creation.

The Heart, The core, The Essence,

The one self as the One Self

standing at the shores of Divine contemplation,

A compassionate witness to every Thought that springs from the Ocean.

Drawing codes in the sand and watch them wash away.

As we manifest through our Heart and creativity, organically in flow, no doubts...

How someone or A Ay manifests through using our thoughts, conversations, expressions, emotions....if we don't follow up on our own dreams and ideas, we leave them unattended in our field, for all to use...or mis use...don't leave your dreams unattended, they may drift of..

Follow up on what you say, state, write... be true to your self, your word your action..

Speak carefully, express consciously, communicate tenderly.

Sacred mountain, Sacred Apu, Sacred Grandfather. Ausangate

Great is your wisdom held beyond the fragile eyes of confidence,

within the layers of Icey tears and frosty thoughts.

Releasing every drop,

Dripping harmoniously in the Krystal river of Love,

enriching our Presence with every Heartbeat, timeless...

As we Listen in Silence…

With deep Gratitude from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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