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Authentic Expression

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The power of Love

To be Loved

To be Love


Love Yourself

Truly and Wholy

In Allways

In All nows

Can be the Greatest Challenge

Love Others

Truly and Wholy

In Allways

In All nows

Can be the Greatest Gift

Let Yourself

Be Loved

In Allways

In All nows

Can be the Greatest Hurdle

Those who are able to Love, Be Love and Receive Love in Allways and All Nows, recognise the simplicity of Nature

Nature, Natale, Bearth, To Birth creation, to give Life, as True Love is Giving Life to all that is, Supports Life in every way, to see Life in All.

That Authentic expression of true Creation, of Birthing Life, is what Nurtures our Soul, is what births the God Spark into our creation.

In-Authentic expression duplicates or mimics Authentic expression, gives Birth to dead Light, Empty Light, Finite Light.

We are God's creation, we are God's in Creation, We are God's creating. With every Thought, Emotion, Feeling, Action we create.

To Love Life is to be Life, is to create Life, is to give Life to all what we create.

To be Alive.

Discernment is required with that amount of God's given potentiality, to harness well what we create, to harbor well what we Berth, what we ship from our cosmic Ocean, to be manifested on and in Earth, That it is properly received and docked, Guarded and Guided, what we Anchor into this Density.

Words are Vessels, Thoughts are vessels, Movements are Vessels, propelled by our true Hearts intention.

The EMBankments (EM Bank the Mind) that have been put into place to control the River Energy Flow to and through the Harbors and Docks, are breaking down. Man created Banks will turn into sand and Natural Dynamic shores again will E-merge from the turmoil.

E(nergy) Merge and (Sea See) Cy

The Needles that Anchor the EMbankMinds are Cracked, Dissolved, and are NeedLess now.

Through the Eye of The Needle we Sea our Re Birthed Origin and Ancient destiny.

Authentic expression is what Gives Life to Creation. Where do we copy, mimic, loop, Resend, Forward, without proper discernment that what is not Authentic?

Art I Facial, cover up your true face or be the Author of your expression.

May our Blue Flame emanates Truth and Compassion, Humility and Courage, Love and Serenity,

May our Hearts be cleansed and washed by the Sacred Waters of Creation, be supported and Nurtured by our Cosmic Mother Dragon, to be Pure and Honest, Integer and Authentic.

From my Hearts expression, In my now flow moment, present in no Time and no Space,

With Love and reverence from our Krystal Heart.

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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