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Spirit of Cacao

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Willka Sunquqñan Creates a Sacred Space for the Cosmic Spirit of Cacao, She brings us nourishment and the motherly guidance allowing our inner child to emerge, to play, to dance, to release our limitations of expressing our true self, to speak and share with confidence and embrace the beauty of life that we are.

Sharing music, wisdom and experiences to assist in integrating the profound changes that we are experiencing individually and collectively, with the direction of Presence Focus, Empowering, Embracing, Nourishing, Healing, Loving.

Welcoming with an open heart in our space created with love and Integrity.

We share Wisdom from the Heart, Heart songs, Heart experiences, practices, a variety of possibilities, according to the moment, in a safe space held with the highest integrity and Love. Honouring, Deepening, Expanding, Rising, Singing, Celebrating, Anchoring, Sharing.

Ceremonial Space with Mama Cacao

Group Circles will be announced and held on certain chosen dates and locations, feel free to subscribe and Unite with Willka Sunquqñan, Sacred Path of the Heart, to receive Newsletter and updates from the Heart.

Through our connection from the Heart we'll Rise again.

Please feel free to reach out directly to me through email or connect through Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal.

With Gratitude from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha


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