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The look in people their eyes

Not knowing


The stare in people their eyes

Not seeing


The glace in people their eyes

Not feeling


The tear in people their eyes

Not loving


Not knowing how to REspond to situations, Not knowing how to REact to situations

Old programing ceases to excist

no more REacting,

time for creation.

The old jukebox where you can choose the same songs over and over again.

Throw in the dime, choose the song, go back in time, play the same rhyme.

The old jukebox as a metaphor for the old programing of the mind.

We are being washed with divine cosmic waves of light that cleanses our old paradigm.

As in a flood, nothing to hold on too, all will be washed away with the grace of surrender.

I feel grief, I feel sadness, I feel confusion

My heart explodes with compassion

I hold your hand

I embrace your cry

I sustain your surrendering

Courage it takes

To allow ourselves

To open our hearts

And let go

A cry, a shout, a sigh,

The Heart flutters


I hold you

In my heart





As I

See you

As I

Blessings from the Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka wae wae ka tao

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