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Create our Krystal Palace

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

This Saturday afternoon the 9th of September, we are opening a space for Krystal Hearts to unite, for Krystal Souls to blossom, for childlike innocence and mature compassion to flourish.

An accesible and open place to share about the times that we are in, the movements and changes that we are experiencing, what they represent and how to evolve.

A place for gentle communication, to see and to be seen, to feel and to be felt, to listen and to be heard. With Integrity and Honesty, through innovation and creativity,

A small gathering for those who feel aligned, Inside Crystal Palace Park, London, where we can connect and unite, share and reflect.

We open our space at 14pm with a short heart connection and 10 min. meditation, to anchor ourselves in our Heart, with our mother earth and cosmic Sun, from the center of our Sacred Heart, in our now moment.

Saturday 9th of September, 14:00 pm, duration 2-3 hours

Participation is free, donations are accepted.

Bring an Open Heart and mind, some water to drink, we sit outside on the gras.

London, Crystal Palace Park,

In front of the Concert Café, Crystal Palace Bowl

With Gratitude from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart


+44 7759 819 619

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