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Crowned Rotation

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Electrical Magnetical

Strikingly Bolt

Enlightening Thunder

Creation you hold

Push and Pull

Attraction rejection

Polarities revealed

Mental projection

Zero point stilness

Movements rests

Silent witness

Phoenix crests

Crowned rotation

Spiraling within

Hearts initiation

Accordingly Spin

Blossoming Lotus

Petals of Breath

Silently unfolds us

Eternal Life over Death

Templates dissolve

Structures bow down

Awareness evolves

Mothers Diamond Gown

Dressed in Divinity

Crowned with wisdom

Compassionate Infinity

Heart Based System

See that what is held

Within layers of Mind

Embrace what is felt

Lovingly and Kind

Know thyself to be

Eternally Loved

God Sovereign Free

Dearly Beloved

See through the veiled

Layers of unknowing

All lenses revealed

True intentions showing

See eachother

With Hearts Eye

Acknowledge others

Their hearts sigh

That what is close

Can feel far away

Reach out to those

Who've lost their way

Show them your Love

Share your affection

Lightening above

Illuminates direction

True Love is seen

Sparkles in the Eye

Rays of Emerald Green

Beloved Father Sky

Unified within

With your divine

Amplified throughout

Hearts innertwine

Opposites paired

Loved Identically

Blueprint repaired

Spins Authentically

Maji Grail

Kings Queens

Love prevails

All is Seen

Arthur's land


With Lovers hands

Divine Union initiates

With reverence from our Diamond Heart

Willka Sunquqñan 🤍

Sacred Path of the Heart

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