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Curtain falls

Things are not what they seem so Take a step back from your multi screen. The appearance of a play soon to be unfold,

and clearing the dis-ease as a common Cold.

The weaver weaves his art inverted

and with the turning of the tapestry, truth will be inserted. Patterns have to be followed and in twined,

to make way for the uprising of the divine

Make yourself comfortable in your chair,

with a drink and a nibble before going on air. Twisting and turning the story will be shown,

the protagonist and antagonist in a whirling spiral they drown.

The outcome will be of the highest love

as the magical play will be revealed from above. Just before the curtain falls,

the truth will make it's final call,

and against all the odds,

water marks the spot.

Willka Sunquqñan, sacred path of the Heart Urpillay Sunqullay,

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