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Death of Separation

Life and Death

Birth and Rebirth

Through the veil

Beyond the illusion

Celebrating Life

Memory of Birth

Honouring Death

Memory of Life

A friends Funeral

On a Birthday

A parent transitions

When your pregnant

Where does Life starts

Where does Death ends

When we Finaly see

Death of Seperation

Grief, Loss, Abandonment, Sadness

Excitement, Joy, celebration, Love

We experience it all

We embrace it all

We feel it all

We Love it all

Because We Live it all

Because We are it all

Going Live and Life Going

As we are present with it all

I Celebrate this Day

My Mother's Birth

I Honour that Day

My Mother Earth

Life Giving

Birthing Waters

Sacred Void

Sound Creation

Honouring the Womb

Of my Sun

My Cosmic Mother

My Cosmic Father

Phoenix we are

Rising from our ashes


Blazing Fires

Dragon we are

Spreading wings

Breathing Life

Opening Hearts

Are we there yet...?


We are here...


I Love you

You are Loved


Silence....of our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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