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Dragons Dream

Updated: Apr 20

As I dream my dreams

See what they re-pre-sent

Push and Pull of the old

Phishing without bait

The Beauty of dreams

When seen and felt awake

A Space of contemplation

When pillars a set straight

Roundtable of my selves

Presenting scenarios

Scenes what has played out

Coming into alignment

A dream within dreams

Trembling noir movies

Eight millimetres in lines

Black and white on canvas

Final Editing is done

As the last frame is cut

Canvas again White

Noir disapates in colour

Rainbow Ray's of Light

Spectrum of the unseen

Vocals are the vowels

Consonant surround sound

We sound together

Consonance in tune

We sound again

Resonance of Hearts

Our voice is our Vow

Unity of Vocals

Conduit of sound

Resonance of Vowels

Rehearsal of Psonn's

Reversal of dead Light

Into eternal Krystal Spirals

Infinite Joy where Peace resides

Dream your Realms

Sing your Songs

Guard your helms

Where Love belongs

Krystal Hearts

Diamond Light

Rainbow Paths

Dragons Ignite

With Fire from our Dragons Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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