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Dragons of Light

Bring forth the eternal living light Insight of our deepest Inside Our own judgments in disguise Reflection seen with our "I's"

Where minds comfort is left behind Love and compassion of HUman kind The circle of illusion is broken Memories and traumas are awoken

The fainthearted will doubt and resist A fractal of oneself that did exist That what has been brought forward Received attention to be seen inwards

When E-motions are blocked InSight The resistance and need to control tight Projection of fear and pain reveal Old paradigms and structures unreal

Surrender our thoughts and reclaim Hologram free of charge and blame Presented the film that was seen True souls desire hidden it has been

Identify with that what is presented Confirming thoughts that where sended By reckless mind young and unlearning Revealing souls future self yearning

The layers and veils that be Remnants of our ancient history Slowly remembered never forgotten

Rising of our Cosmic dragon Mother

The dragons of light Flames of colors bright Diamond and Ruby reflecting Sight Open their wings for eternal flight

Flames of truth and compassion Blueprint highlighted our Earthly mission Warrior's in Union of Mothers desire Rewrite template with letters of fire

Curious Hearts invited to come All Children are welcome home Those who wander find their way A narrow path not to astray

Lay down the Sword of confusion Struggle of mind a mere illusion In Silence where our words reside Waiting for the moment they hide

Breaking the shell of resistance Revelation of cognitive dissonance Mind's "I" open to the truth Bathing the Heart in the fountain of youth

Whisper sounds of the ancient whale Sharing wisdom with every Tale Where cities build of Krystal Light Equilibrium within as day and night

Whispering their tones of creation Correcting templates with their vibration Sharing seeds of our ancestral Mother To grow Tree of Life, Emerald Order

This cosmic convenant brings revelations Golden eggs are born after Gestation Where life from within expands Shattering Shells as life intents

Embody that what flows within Rivers of Joy shared with our Kin 144 sword of truth comes Shield of tribes and central SunS

Sisters of Avalon and Scotti united Within the breath of dragons anointed From Isles and mountains again aligned Michael-Mary Hearts Inner Twinned

In deep gratitude resides Our Hearts "I" Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart Huna Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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