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Frequency of home

Frequency of home

Those who know, see me Those we don't see, don't know me

I see you, I know you I feel you, I Love you

Words are dense to express The Light of Consciousness Reverberation in Delay Catching up in Replay

My Lips stay quiet Inner contemplation Now each word As it present itself

Recalibrate at the threshold Of internal and external Being A stillpoint between Micro and Macro A gentle sigh of eternal Love

A spoken word seen and felt Instigate a thunder bolt Imprinting eternal Sound Creational wave of Light

That what we wish to speak Words revealing the unconscious Hooks and lines wavering To catch and siphon away

Our Beloved Hearts of Joy Tender and compassionate Strengthened in Trust Shaped with Courage

A breath of Inner Peace Surrender into Stillness Bathing in perfumed Grace Carried by whispering winds

Trust my Dear Child Know you are Loved Supported in All ways Allways Beloved

A new step to take One without footprints Free of any limitations Beyond Time and Space

Humble from the Heart Eye embrace my Vision Felt In every Fiber and cell Seen through the Hearts Eye

I Love you Beloved Mother and Father Brother and Sister Daughter and Sun

I Light my Fire Ignite my Alchemy From the Ashes New medicine Births

I play my drum With my Hearts rhythm Awakening the dormant Arising from Stasis

Wings of Fire Spread wide and strong All letters now aligned To Frequency of home

With Grace from our Krystal Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart

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