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Glitches in time Experience a flip Our choices align Wormhole in a dip

Old Memory forgotten Linear recall switches Blank slate rotten Clearing the ditches

Gender origen splitting Broken down by union New light waves hitting Create templates for communion

Dialling in to Duality Number no longer exists Change frequency to trinity Stargates cleared the mists

Energy Trinity Phone home Myself will answer the call Reflecting question roam To the centre of all

Soulstice BEarth Ing Allowing light to flow Inner space searching For soul essence to grow

Presence in silence Bring forth compassion Broken hearts of violence Embrace live and passion

Restore what is broken Transform what is done Receive your divine token Time is almost gone

Re adjusting the clock For the unconscious mind Glitches causing havoc For those choosing to be blind

Empty are the words Spoken to the lie Church cutting cords Souls are free to fly

The trumpet sounds again When pilar of light sprouts Before the time of samhuinn We'll see behind the clouds

The dagger is withdrawn Release the flow of light Spread the wings of Swan When Odin crowns all knights

The journey is within Stationary it appears Has no end and no begin Infinite presence without fears

There you are I hold you dear Within in my Heart You're always here

Embodying within my Diamond Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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