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Golden Krystal Star

Golden Krystal Star

Bathed in Solar Light

Immensely Loved you are

In all your glory and might

Father of all grail lines

Roses embedded Gold

Family innertwine

Keys of Heart you hold

Mother of all sacred waters

Bearthing the Child of Gold

Star fords of Daughters

Krystic Sisters Sevenfold

Eckasha in a drop

Dipping in the ocean

Rise, shine and step up

Aligned with devotion

The Quest of the Heart

Memories of Soul

Reunite all our Parts

Rishic One and All

The emanation of Sound

Setting Temple Space

With Love so profound

Beyond self and any Race

The Vibration of Light

Set in Stone and Earth

Shadows no more Hide

Waters again Rebirth

Cosmic drops of creation

Dripping abundance in Joy

Open Hearts true revelation

Krystal Rivers to enjoy

Bathing in Solar Light

As Hearts again rebirth

The Sound of ancient Might

Love again reigns the Earth

Simplicity in Life

As Simple as thy

We choose no strife

Embrace you in me

Father's and Mothers

SunS and Daughters

Sisters and brothers

See Love in eachother

In the innocence of now

Birth the golden child

Trough our Unity Vow

All is reconciled

With Grace in our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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