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Heart of Love

Updated: Apr 20

Heart of Love

Here in the Heart of Love Compassion is held To embrace all That we are

Here in the Heart of Love Prayers are Felt To Embody all That we are

Here in the Heart of Love Mother is known To nurture all That we are

Here in the Heart of Love Father is heard To guard all That we are

Clearing of our Womb Liberation of our Heart Transmutation of all fear Expansion of our Love

Focus on what is Truth Hold space for the Unreal Let Judgment fade away As Life will be revealed

Portal of Love Sacred Union Divine Ring of fire above Hearts innertwine

Within lies the Womb Cradle of Creation Guarded by the Fires Waters of manifestation

We mount our Temple Restore our Origins Return our selves Seeding a new begins

Sparkles of Peace Gestation on Earth There petals release Blossoming Birth

Nurture all Souls Where Light will sprout Through Singing bowls Krystal Spiraling out

All will demise As Nature realigns Based fifty five Returned to dust in Time

Our Beloved Krystal Star Bridging Aurora Flow Inbetween we are Transharmonic glow

Hearts of Diamond Gold Emanates eternal Life True Blueprint we hold Guardians of midwife

Apogee of the Moon Furthest makes way For Father to guide home All those who are astray

With Grace in our Krystal Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart Solar Rishi Reisha

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