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Hearts of Brave

That what has been seen Brought in to our Sight Reflections of layers Bathed in Krystal Light

Patterns dissolved Held in Love and grace New templates unfold In our no time space

At the shores we stand Receiving wave after wave Polishing diamond sand Awakening Hearts of Brave

With eyes of compassion Holding in Hearts center The unfolding of ourself Mirrored in Light that enters

The pillars of old overlay Dissolve as we See Our innate Light of Soul Bring in clarity you and me

We weave our sounds hands with gentle signs Caresses cosmic strings Re-emerging our Divine

Shackles of control Blessed with Loving drops Release structure for All Free our mountains tops

There stands our Unicorn In full embodiment Crowned and newly born In rainbow ornament

Water giving birth consciousness refined Awakening earth North node aligned

Heart of father Rises inside Krystal Diamond Pilar Rays of golden light

Seeing what was veiled Cloaked to interfere Revealing our true self Bringing all home in here

Now in Our Sacred Heart

With Grace from our Krystal Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart

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