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In our Essence, In our Innocence

Dear Beloved,

In the heart of our planet shines the light of the divine, pulsating lovingly a radiant diamond rainbow light, with golden threads. A cosmic orchestra oscillating in liquid plasma waves of ancient wisdom into our universe. A soft but deep heartbeat can be felt at the surface of our beloved mother G'aia, T'ara, E'lla, opening up her womb to receive the light of our cosmic father.

We open our hearts as the golden light children of our parents. Mesmerized in astonishment with Cristal clear eyes as an entire Galaxy luminating. We look upon this cosmic rebirth of Love with tenderness and innocence how the Divine Feminine merges with the Sacred Masculine.

The light is presence, The Love is present in the golden chalice of our Heart. We are connected with the primal creation and we are creation expanding.

There will be a change so great and magnificent that even the rainbow dragons will blink there eyes of awe.

The diamond crystalline tears of joy will pour down from the heavens within, Nourishing the new Planet Earth, or our Planet Water.

The moist and dampened ground will open her secrets and our brothers and sisters from the inner earth are invited to pass through the portals of Love and join in celebration of all life. A celebration of Love and Life, Unity and Creation.

The colorful diversity of our existence is our birthmark, we are the universe and we all represent our universe. Our beloved Father and Mother have invited us to this beautiful Realm to live in joy and to enjoy creation and creating. In harmony, in equilibrium, in balance.

We experience from our heart our world, and we have been handed a blank canvas for us to paint our most joyful and loving Dreams. Letting go of the old brushes and paint, there are new colors available, colors that you haven't seen yet, colors even beyond your imagination. This magical paint is instant creation.

Choose wisely what dreams you wish to paint these exciting times, paint from your hearts, paint from your utmost inner desires, let the great Cosmic Heart guide your brushes, Let shine your Sacred Diamond Heart on this new blank and transparent canvas. To create Life as life is ment to be created.

In love. In Light. In Awe. In our escence (innocence)

Blessings from our Sacred Heart, Urpillay sunqullay, Willka Sunquqñan

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