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That once was seen as above

Is now been felt as inside

With that recognition of love

Eternal presence abides

No longer the search for there

Only acknowledgment of here

Knowing and being aware

Within your own sphere

The core of what you see as you

Is the vast existence of all

When veils are seen through

The joy of life will truly call

Dancing and swirling

Spiraling within

Touching the infinite

To be reborn again

Dancing and swirling

Spiraling without

Expanding creation

Heart singing aloud

Beloved mother, Beloved father

As your child I am

The spark of creation

That you've ignited within

My hearts desire seeded

As a souls eternal dream

Waiting to be remembered

Through loving eyes will be seen

Only love will know

When petals are grown

With an eternal flow

True wisdom is blown

No words can describe

No eyes can perceive

The Vision from inside

An old world about to leave

Eye hold you in our Heart

Blessings from the Heart,

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

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