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Key keeper of the Heart

Through the window we see

The portal of our Heart

Guarded by the Willow tree

Unfolding the secrets of your path

The truth that has been hidden

Clouded with illusion

Initiation made forbidden

Has come to it's conclusion

Old pillars to hold the arch

On carbon weavings based

Crumble in flow, no longer starch

Entering it's finite fase

Roar as the Lioness

Vibrating cosmic mother

Awakening the final stasis

Re tuning the fork of her daughter

Children of the Light

Holding our Hearts aligned

Emanating Krystall Bright

Birthing creation benign

Words that had us bound

To vibrationally drain

Leaving our expression

Detaching from our brain

Structures fall

Patches fail

The towers tall

Lost in it's tale

Fairy queen of light

Your magic reappears

Guarded by Michaels Knight

Your gates reopened to hear

The bells of creations

A new way of flowering

From ashes new foundation

Ignited, Enlighted, Empowering

We release our brackets

That enslaved our teeth

Tearing the straight jacket

Our voice again freed

Sing bright my nightingale

Your tune in night and day

Guided by the sonar whale

A new frame you'll lay

Bee hUMBLE, Bumble Bee

Bring forth your magic

Sharing the gift and mastery

And truth of your dynamic

Time is slipping

Timing is discernment

Tie Me a flipping

Time wheels realignment

The End

The Begin

My friend

Next of Kin

Digging deep

Our ancestral line

The last root's keep

Original light to shine

That truth relates

With our avatar

The keys of gates

Guarded, never far

Turn the key of your Heart

Open the gates within

Embracing a fresh new start

For new harmonics to come in.

With grace and Love in my Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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