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Krystal River

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Let the Krystal river flow

Eternal fires of creation

Blessing our divine souls

Enlighten Co creation

Entering the North Gate

Thirteen reclaims domain

Pealing overlayers

No thing that will remain

Divine intervention

Stepping up to the plate

Hearts release tension

Ready to accelerate

Krystall river flows

sacred determination

All Souls will Evolve

Cosmic culmination

The clock sets the wave

Zero pointing direction

Clarity for the Brave

In Love and Inter Action

Gateway of the Hearts

Receive the Solar flames

Ignite your inner Path

Letting go of playing games

Krystal River flows

Through our sacred veins

Body memory knows

Bringing in the outer planes

Unity drops into Heart

Cosmic inner eyes

Ancient future Starts

Blue flames real-eyes

Krystic Vision Avatar

Embrace all our Souls

Compassion for all they are

144 times twelve Roles

Embracing Krystal states

Emerald PenDragon Kings

Krystal Pillars Templates

Diamond inner sun sings

Rainbow Round tables

Bearthing in to Light

Ray's of gold enable

Wisdom council ignite

Solar Dragon wings

Spiralling triple Flames

Roaring Love begins

Pouring Krystal Rain

With Love in our Emerald Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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