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Leona Esmeralda

Leona Esmeralda

11 years before Eye looked in your eyes My Heart Remembers

11 years before Eye held you in my arms My Soul Remembers

11 years before Eye bearthed my Father arc My Family Remembers

Now we are here Now we feel Now we celebrate Now we Remember

Lioness of the Emerald order Inner balance of your flames You cracked my Heart Open In that moment reframed

A new dawn has been born Old Dusk fades away Weary robes long worn Inner Child here to play

As 11 years ago My daughter reborn father now bestowed Compassionately grown

I Love you Wherever I am I hold you Wherever I go

Time and space Merely an illusion Surrender in Grace Beyond confusion

I feel you close As my love is real The Heart knows

Time Spiralling wheel

Joyful daughter celebrate Your life in your way Divine mother activates Father's love any Day.

Blessings from my Father Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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