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Easter, Isthar, Innana, Ostera, Astara, Astana, Star goddess, Venus, Rose, Mary magdalene, Mother Solar Dragon





Re assure action

Mother Sun


Dragons risings, flame of creation, founder races united, breath of truth, spoken at the the round table, Celtec Dragons Singing, Wheels are spinning, Chakana turning.

Past events, experiences, presented in the centre, read and heard by the flames of creation, acknowledged and consumed in the flame of compassion.

Snake, Slow, movement, Amaru,

Cosmic rainbow serpent,

awakening song lines

Memories no more, reborn as presence


The round table holds the centre liquid dynamic flowing and pouring the first living light in the the Hearts of living beings. KA


Here we are warrior's of truth,

Guardian's of wisdom,

Mothers of creation,

Fathers of life,

Children of joy.

Shine your light reveal your truth,

that what was hidden in the house,

shall now be revealed,

Cellars to be liberated, attics are emptied.

FREE you ALL are, brothers and sisters, warrior's of the Living Rainbow Light, allways have been, allways will

Standing tall in truth in sight

Blue Dragon, Silver Dragon,

Rainbow Dragon, Golden Dragon,

Silver Dragon, White Dragon,

Emerald Dragon,

YOU-KRAI-NE or does the UK reign...

Showed Step back, liberation

KAzakhstan, Astana-Astara-Ostera

Downfall off the K Ma Fia generation

Innana-Isthar-Easter-new Era

WeF seen revealed and unmasked, embedded in rainbow light,

krystal Unicorns freed,

sacred mountains arising in sight

Solar Spirals of creation,

Fairies United, Black magic revealed,

Webs dismantled, spiders liberation

ear droppings cleared and sealed

Slavik and slaves freed

from Hugo-Hugh-Mind/Soul/thought,

in Memory and clearing of yugoslavia,

no to mind control, monarchy fought

13 present at the Roundtable,

St Michael anointed, St Mary expanded, First light dawning enabled

Dragon riders initiated and landed

Death of mother Heart felt,

Tiamat, Moon, and Tara, Gaia accompanied by the Sacred Condor,

Golden Hummingbird, Light of Matea

All Children return home

No One stays Outside

All are Save and Sound

As we, Dragons, are their guides.

Wairu Tapu, We remember you.

In Gratitude from our Sacred Emerald Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Huna Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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