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Reclaim your Throne

Reclaim your Throne

Ignite your Heart

Command your Space

Sing your tones



A tone ment

At One Ment

Circle of Love

Union Divine

Blessing above

Ramana Shine

Sita recovered

Pierced the veil

Golden deer

Seen for Real

Persecution ended

Relax and release

Resurrection mended

Conflicts Cease

Promise you've made

Your Stone of Destiny

Diamond Crown of jade

Polished with Fluidity

I walk my path

With Integrity

In service of Life

With Honesty

Riding my Horse

Strong and fiery

Without remorse

Through forrest of Fairy

I reclaim Myself

Stand in my Truth

Sacred Elves

Fountain of youth

Rainbow Dragon

Roam Free

In All worlds

Of Sacred Tree


Holds Odin

Up side Down

To find his Crown

Many layers

Many page's

Many stories

Many Sages

Now you are

Here you'll Be

Close-by and Far

All, You'll See


Mother of Heart

Father of Soul

Child of Light

A Treasure Hold

A Cross over

Chakana unfolds

Cosmic Clock turnover

I Love you

Dearest Soul

Beloved Heart

I am you

Rise Shine

Rins clime

Zenit Time

Solstice rhyme

Cycles of Life

Beginning of Ends

Birthing of Death

Renewal of strands

When 8 unites with 5

13 becomes midwife

For 4 to blossom

Earth to Flourish

Water infused

With Sonic Love

Giving Birth

Plasma kicks off


of our Ancestral Fire


the seed of Life

I am




I am




Souvereign in our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan 🤍

Sacred Path of the Heart

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