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I am not who you think I am

Though I am for you that what you see

Is it true in the reflection of our Heart

That your projection is what I'll be

Can you see through the veil

That has covered your minds eye

Are you willing to let go of all

That separates the you and I

In the light of our creation

You'll see the mirrors that reflect

Our false believes and fake relations

And your own light that you reject

Keep playing the game as you please

Filling your voids with envie and hate

Asking for others to play that role

Of the responsible one that you create

Only one can see with love the truth

That lies behind the image projected

A part of yourself that is denied

Banished, expelled, silenced and rejected

Open your heart and cleanse your sight

To unreveal your golden child inside

In the dark of your unconscious night

You'll find that spark where soul abides

I am as well who You think I am

As we all are connected as one

To realise the hidden treasure of life

That is reflected in each and everyone

See with your heart, instead of your eyes

Feel the joy and bliss when you truly feel

That the game we play being bad or nice

Is the key for our hearts to heal

I hold you all in an eternal embrace

With arms of love and compassion

Slowing down the infinite race

Of control, manipulation and distraction

We come to a place of innnerstanding

That nothing is the way we have seen

And in the present state of our being

We release ourselves of what has been

reborn again in the light of soul

New and free of shackles and pain

We love and live as never before

We shine our light together again

Blessings from our sacred Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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