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Seeding point

Those moments of silence

Where a blanket of stardust

Brings the magic on the earth

Seeding new doorways of Love

Those moments of self-inquiry

In the womb of creation

Integrating the new light

Anchoring deep within our hearts

Those moments of deep rest

Where no movements are required

Nurturing the body and soul

To align with the highest potentials

A new seeding point

Reborn in the arms of the beloved

Our parents of light and compassion

Guiding us the way to liberation

Trust in the magical ways

That unfold before our eyes

Bringing forth the new light

For our family to arise

Cosmic seeds of knowledge

Planted before times unknown

Carefully planted and guarded

To come to fruition now

We create from our seeds

given by our divine mother and father

Remembering our Origin of light

Decoded in our Heart of gold

The flames of eternal love

Luminescent vibrations

Purifying rays of compassion

Assisting in the revelations

There is only presence

In the Eye of the Soul

Where we see through the illusion

And find it all in the eternal flow

Añay añay

Urpillay Sunqullay

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart ❤

Ka wae wae ka tao

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