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So it Begins, The mastery of Self

So it begins

The masculine surrendered, laying down his sword and shield, his mind to rest, with the clarity gained what he was fighting against all his life, the distortion within , the pain of castration, the struggle with the distorted archetypes within his own consciousness.

Choosing his Heart over battle, over right and wrong, over duality, over defending, over images not of his own. Stepping out of an old paradigm of competition. His armour no longer nesecary to protect his old wounds from being touched as they have dissolved in the eye of the Heart, embraced with compassion of his inner child.

The courage found and the thrust felt that surfaced deep from his Heart ignited the crowning of his father consciousness, of his Fatherly strength in service of all feminine, in service of all children, in service of all men.

That Light he sees reflected in the eyes of the Child who recognise the Father rising, who celebrates and honours the pilar of protection and guidance. Reflecting back the pure innocence of the child's playfulness and innocence.

Renewed he feels, as the embodiment of this newly regained consciousness settled and anchors within the depths of his soul, waves of tiredness are releasing the tension long held within.

All of his lineage stept forward within his presence honouring and integrating the healing of all the masculine aspects of self back to the first moment of the breakdown of the divine masculine. Recuperated all of his body parts, all of his fragments in to wholeness. Re-uniting with all his ancestors.

Allowing himself now to re-evaluate all his choices made from the false Patriarchal standpoints Embodying with compassion and Love with a deep reverence for all that has been experienced, the beautifull and the difficult.

His Heart now voiced through the vocal cords of Love with the vibration of compassion and the clarity of his Krystal waters. A River strong and pure emerging from his roots, from his origin, growing and gaining momentum moving up through his sacred pilar Uniting the Father and Mother with his inner Child.

Trinity Spiral brought back to life Emanating the flames of creation through his sacred Heart. Remembering his divine vision of creation, Wisdom, Love and Will weaving the geometry through his Hearts song. Dreaming his hearts desire into creation.

And so it begins The mastery of Self

With Grace from our Diamond Krystal Heart Willka Sunquqñan Sacred Path of the Heart.

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