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Solar Union

Updated: Apr 20

Beloved Hearts

Let our Solar Flames ignite

Burning away pain and Grief

Bringing true inner sight

Unity, Peace and Relief

Let our Solar Flames unite

Dancing together as One

Throughout Day and Night

As our Ancestors have done

Let our Solar Flames Shine

All Colours of the rainbow

Decorating hearts divine

Illuminating our inner glow

Let our Solar Flames Sing

Our Sacred Song of Unity

Together we'll begin

Land of Serendipity

Where the Lions roar

As a Trinity they stand

Krystal Heart is core

Where creativity is mend

Where the children play

Laugh, Sing and Dance

Molding reality as clay

With Innocence and Sense

We all have our Solar Flame

Within our Sacred Heart

No matter what Frame

Which Practise or Path

Light moves and quakes

In the Roots of our Soul

When they Lions do awake

We'll Enlighten our inner Sol

Letting go of Divisions

Manipulations and control

To unite with our True Vision

Realize We are One and All

May the Heart of our Father

May the Womb of our Mother

Hold each and every Child

In Eternal Loving embrace

As we all release within

The pain and suffering

from ancient times

And future lines

Here and now we are

In the cradle of the Lions

Bearthing ourselves anew

Restore Heart of Orions

Solar Dragons rise

Through water and Fire

With Love alchemize

Solar Flames inspire

To see your Truth

Who you truly are

All elders and youth

Have come from far

We have been prepared

In many different ways

Wisdom we've shared

Foundations we've laid

As the eclipse is undone

Our Krystal Spiral spins

Within every loved One

Realisations begin

With Solar Spirals from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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