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Gratitude for our Solstice Inner Union

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Dearly Beloveds

We have transitioned our Beautifull Solar portal of the Solstice and now are integrating all that what has come to us, and has been shared with us. New alignments, keys and codes for deeper embodiment of who we truly are.

A strengthening of our Divine union with our source of creation within and throughout all dimensions and layers, Unifying and reclaiming all aspects and parts of ourselves.

Our physical embodiment through the release and letting go of all that what no longer is in alignment with our highest authentic expression.

The proces of transformation and congelation to rise from the ashes of all that we have been able to burn away and purify.

Obsolete structures of beliefs, institutions, religions, old perspectives rigid and dusty, where we have consciously or unconsciously given our power away to, are now being brought to the surface to be seen and re-evaluated. In accordance with our truest authentic expression of our God spark, with Love and Compassion, with Gratitude and reverence, with Peace and Joy and all that what we are and allways have been.

Acknowledging and honouring the divine connection that each and everyone has within. Feelings such as Loss and Grief can come up when we are Detaching ourselves of that what has limited us to step fully in our sovereign being. Creating a space for new ways of creative expressions

We all are exactly where we supposed to be through te choices we have made, and we have the ability and courage to now make our choices for the highest possible outcome for one self and all, in every now moment allways in all ways.

Guided by our sacred Heart, the natural Law of One and the sacred law of Love, where we no longer hold any judgment towards ourselves and eachother, recognise in all the law of correspondence, as above so below, as within so throughout.

As a compassionate witness to observe the Polarity and duality, to see the nature and origin of what we perceive As opposites and recognize the same origin in them. Identifying and locating the polarities and bringing them in a neutral point, zero point where the polarity collapses. We can change our thoughts and transform the situation by no longer holding on or attache ourselves to that polarity and rise above that structure.

With the law of correspondence we can see the polarity within and outside, personal and collectively as there is no separation. Thoughts are tangible, as all things are, each thought we are seeding in our consciousness field will grow as flowers in our garden. By fully being aware of our thoughts we have the choice what will grow in our garden.

All that we create comes forth from our state of mind, innerstanding and Mastering our mind allows us to consciously choose our structure or beliefsystem in alignment with our natural Laws.

Clearing and cleansing all obsolete and distorted beliefs, patterns, dogma's regarding our relationships and how we relate to one and another and with one self.

Reclaiming and restoring our sexual energies, our sensuality and tenderness to be used only for the highest possible outcome of creation, in alignment with pure Love.

We come together as One, we unite, as we are One with all that we are.

I feel deep Love and reverence for all of creation, in Stilness and Peace, contemplating myself and the movements occuring within, with Presence and Gratitude for all that is experienced.

Thank you for all Who have been a part , are a part and will be a part of my experiences and co-creations.

With Gratitude I have received all the beautifull messages and gifts for my Solar Earth day.

I Love you for all that you are and all that you bring forth in every now moment.

With Love from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan 🤍

Sacred Path of the Heart

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