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Stones Speak

The Love is felt

By Roots it's held

In Krystal Meadows

Of Ancient Celts

Templates offshore

With Songs Restore

The Ocean beds

They Shine Once more

In the midst of Fire

Burn all desire

Welding our Music

Playful Druid's Lyre

Waters will flow

Creation does know

Which seeds to nurture

To blossom and grow

Roots go deep

Wisdom they Keep

Ancient Mother Trees

Awake from there Sleep

Within the Womb

Creations room

Our Atom seed

Flourish and bloom

Seven strings

Spread there wings

Seven Tones

Our Heart Sings

The eight Arise

Silent and wise

Shines it's Heart

Darkness demise

One and All

Our Unity call

Ancient Future

Before our Fall

Lyran Gate

Port of fate

Lions Harbour

Krystal Plate

Anchored in earth

Ready to Re birth

The King Ships

Royalty worth

Stones have spoken

Given their token

Placed in the Soul

To Hearts awoken

Rocks and Trees

Timelines sees

Vibrational State

Frequency Frees

Free from the maze

Through infinite space

Cosmic Father and mother

Their Eternal Embrace

With Grace from our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan 🤍

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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