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True Heart

True Heart

Story lines

Stored in lives

Embedded Lies

Your truth inside

How can you hide

From your starry Light

Dragon dust ignites

The end of Nights

Hatred dissolves

Embrace the unknown

Compassionate evolves

Reclaiming your throne

your pillar rises

Spinning increase

Doubt demises

Entanglement release

Faces of Light

Featuring smiles

Eyes see bright

On Albion isles

Dial in to the Heart

Sequence of Soul

Open your path

answer your call

The core of your being

The center of soul

The court of play

The Hearts are whole

Planting the seeds

Co-creation unfolds

Effortless deeds

Ancient stories foretold

Spring jumps out

Branches blossom

Spindle accelerates

Times are awesome

As life is a play

Though not a game

Ruby dragons Ray

Enlighten our frame

Restoring our lines

From South to North

Aligning our Spines

Along Dragon Fort

Father rises High

Holding staff and Rod

Internal hearts cry

Child is loved abroad

The River of winds

Blow Currents fast

Triskelion Spins

Future and past

Only Heart can tell

That what is now

As all finite spells

Before the eternal bow

Brightening your light

From illusion free

Flames Krystal White

True Heart you'll be

With Love from our Emerald Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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