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Sacred Path of my Heart

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I am the path of my Heart

The path that shows all that I am not

To reveal all that I am

Sacred path of the Heart

A continuous unlearning

of that what I’ve held within

based on illusion of the mind

shattered in fragments of new seeds

The light is increasing

Shining within my Heart

raising vibration of Love

Sounds of compassion

Embodying presence

Listening in Silence

That was is moved

and wants to be felt

Covered in cloaks of darkness

placed by my ignorant mind

to hide the pain stored

within the fibres of my Soul

Allowing my breath to ignite

the solar flame within

seeded before time and space

fuelling my Hearts desire

In gratitude I am

for all I have seen

to cleanse my vision of old

a new era to redeem

How little did I know

when I opened my Heart

that the path to follow

would shine the truth on my past

Where presence did provide

for the past to be felt

to reclaim myself as soul

My future self in sight

My infinite path continues

where each step will unfold

the mysteries we have forgotten

but remembered by the soul

With compassion I see

The structures of my belief

vanish with every step taken

filling my Heart with pure Love

With benevolent blessings from my sacred Heart

Tom Schoenmaker

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Huna Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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