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Father's Heart

Updated: Mar 3

Father's Heart

Ancestors of wisdom

Grandfathers of gratitude

Father's of Heart

Brothers of Love

SunS of Light

Breathing in presence

Embodying Light

Breathing out presence

Embodying Love

With every heartbeat

Remembering Life

Within the Womb

Creation of Sound

The arc of the Father

Sustained in compassion

With the pilars of Grandfathers

Breathing the Sun of Light

Accepting the grief

Allowing the pain

Remembering the loss

Embracing the lessons

The arc of the Father

Re enforcing it's core

Raising castle of kings

Golden light comes forth

Trinity of Kings

Men of all times

Rising from the Womb

Hold the truth in Heart

Trinity of Queens

Grandmother, Mother and Daughter

Reclaim their rightful throne

Creation from the waters

Cracking of the heart

In presence and grace

The ocean of the mothers

The old Patterns Erased

We all embrace the pains

When we kneel in Honour

Touch the fertile soul

For our hearts to de armour

The walls raised In fear

Broken down by loving hands

Frontiers and borders disappear

United again we do stand

The tribes once alone

Bringing to us their ancient songs

Again together we are all One

Claim the lands where we belong

Eye Sea you

Eye Feel you

Eye Remember you

Eye Am

The land of the Dove

The Land of the Free

The Land of the Mother

The Land of the Sea

In grace within our Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Solar Rishi Reisha

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