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We remember you

We have seen world's come and go

We have heard the storms of change

We have felt the floods of purification

We have tasted the love of creation

In between the beating of hearts

In the silence of contraction and expansion

We hold the keys of the universe

The remembrance of our memories

Galaxies spiraling and dancing in joy

Eternal movement of a divine play

In the birth of stardust and nebulae

Life flourishing in cycles of light and sound

The witnes witnessed by the mother of all

The witnes guided by the father of all

The gently touch of the innocent child

Ignites the spark of creation within

That what comes within reach of the child

Can do nothing more then surrender

To the play of a Heart pure and divine

Flowing with movement of its playfull eyes

A blissfull smile unfolds in the expression

Of the living light that lives within all

As a golden rose unfolding here petals

Receiving the infinite blessings of creation

Standing in your light and in your truth

You are supported by mother of creation

Doubt and fear are washed away

As you embrace the love of presence

I love you all and I hold you all Dearly

In the embrace of my Hearts desire

To see you shine your true divine light

And so we create our heavenly paradise

This is why we are here now, Today

To let our hearts shine the golden light

The child of light reborn again in Love

Witnessed by ourselves, cosmic creators.

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