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Willka Sunquqñan, Sacred Path of the Heart

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

At the End is where it all begun

In the void with mother's Song

So gentle end so tender

A Sound not even to be hearth

Without any form or gender

Where no planet yet was birth

A Flash in an instant occurred

Before any being it was observed

Playfully creation came in

Source essence birthing in sight

And danced with song as a twin

A whirling spiral of Divine Light

Where the dance ignites the Bliss

And light and sound weave all that is

They are kept in a loving embrace

In the playground where it unfolds

By Father Time and mother space

Where unconditional Love upholds

The flower of life in plain sight

Unfolding petals with sound and light

Creating precious life and shape

With her spirit and strength

All Divine form she can take

In all Directions with any length

Words cannot express

How creation effortless

Weaves her threads of gold

In to a beautiful design

For all creation to behold

With eyes of the divine

Only that what can be felt

In the darkest moments can be held

Embraced within our whole being

With divine love we then can start

In the light of Love and new seeing

Our sacred path of the Heart

Willka Sunquqñan,

Sacred path of the Heart

Añay, Añay, Añay, Añay

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