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Words from the Heart

The words that I write

Comes from the connection inside

A whisper from the depths of my heart

That invites a flow of love to start

For those who can feel

A message to release the veil

And uncover your inner sight

For you to experience the light

Words that weave with a rhyme

Not bound by the shackles of time

Bringing forth the love from within

That has no end neither a begin

The greatness that each hold inside

Such a divine shining diamond light

Can never be taken away

If you decide to not obey

A sovereign being free to create

That with true discernment will relate

Leave the distraction for what it is

And focus on your passion and bliss

Know that you are already free

So stand strong as the wisdom tree

With roots deep and strong

Remember where you truly belong

Words of the Heart is what you read

Compassion and love within a seed

Lovingly planted from my heart

That invites a flow of love to start

Añay añay

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

Ka Wae Wae Ka Tao

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