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Essence of the Heart

Dearly Beloveds

A beautiful blessing from our sacred divine Heart.

Galactic Moments, Solar Alignments for transformation and great changes are present and available for all of us to experience in our unique way, in this now moment in our lives, in humanity, in society, in families, inside each and every one of us.

Willka Sunquqñan shares and offers a Space to assist in returning, reconnecting to our true essence, to guide and liberate us transcending from old paradigms, old programming, to embrace the incoming energies and available possibilities.

Releasing our tension from within, opening our hearts to the truth of Love, Forgiveness, opening our connections, and opening the doorways to our source and the innate connections with our Cosmic Mother and Father as the Children of the Cosmos that we are, as the Children of Light that we are. Restoring Divine Inner Union.

The different spaces we offer are for all who feel the call to profoundly reconnect with their Truth, with their Heart, their Blue Print and are willing to shed the old layers and constructs, consciously and honestly making a choice to step up and to step forward

Willka Sunquqñan is a way of Life, it is a sacred and profound responsibility to work with the different modalities and tools to hold space and set the container with Honesty and Integrity for all to come to their authentic expression.

We open our Hearts with compassion, and we open our space to receive those who feel that it is the moment to expand, to embrace, to ground, to stand up, and to Love. With respect, gratitude and Humbleness.

The Cosmic Law of One that guides us and teaches us Presence, Acceptance, Gratitude, Humbleness, Love, Courage, Union, Community. Upholding our core values as the Krystic Human Beings, as the Guardians we are, as the founders we are.

Bio re-genesis of all of our expressions, in all times and spaces, in all ways and always with Love and Compassion, with Clarity and Wisdom, With Honesty and Certainty.

Willka Sunquqñan, Sacred Path of the Heart, each one of us has a unique path, a unique Light, a unique Heart, a gift from creation to express ourselves authentically, in service for all that we are.

We are on our path of remembering, acknowledging, expanding our awareness, Re-Unifying all parts of ourselves.

Though many layers of limitations we have acquired in all our experiences and expressions as divine souls, with the magnificent opportunity now, in this life, to integrate all and every part of self into our Heart.

Dissolve all old paradigms and abide in the Loving presence of the Heart.

We can allow ourselves to embrace all that is been shown and root deeply into the earth and into the cosmos, into our Hearts

We co create a beautiful space of compassion and integrity, a safe space where we can simply be, without judgements and fear. So, you can remember you, your true light essence, your authentic Heart expression.

Willka Sunquqñan, Sacred path of the Heart, my Heart presence, holds Space with the energy of our Krystal Heart, for those who feel a call to seriously look within themselves

Willka Sunquqñan has been working with respect, Integrity and honesty, seriousness and consciousness with many years of experience from heart to heart. My path is a path of presence, practice in sowing seeds of awareness, synchronizing in Hearts, with the purpose to live in harmony with our Authentic self in alignment with our cosmic mother and Father.

With my roots in the lowlands, and having lived more than ten years in Peru, and more then two decades of guiding group dynamics, active lived experiences in different areas of work, locations, teachings, pathways, tools, templates, natural medicines, embodied and practised.  

Sacred Path of the heart (Willka Sunquqñan).

I AM being me, always learning, with an open Heart, centred and compassionate, in service. Inviting you to be you. Upholding Krystic core values and the Law of One, Embodying the highest possible frequency and resonance in every now moment, Multi dimensional container setting, Shielding and anchoring stable Diamond Pillar structures for deep recalibration, ​​​

With Grace and Love from our Divine Krystal Heart

Willka Sunquqñan 

Sacred Path of the Heart 


+44 7759819619 (WhatsApp,Telegram)

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