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Standing as One


My heart goes out to all our brothers and sisters trying to keep a stand in this turmoil of ilusión.

Stay in the Heart, unite from the heart,

And from our heart we speak our truth

We might finding ourselves struggling with grieve or anger, unbelief and confusion but know that you are the light that you're looking for, you are the happiness and joy that you can't grasp outside of you.

The light will keep shinning brighter and brighter as days continue , the truth is what will stand strong, authenticity and honesty is what will hold ground. All else will disappear as of it never had existed.

You don't need anyone to tell you if you're healthy or not, your body will tell you, listen to the soft and gender messages of your heart.

You don't need anyone to tell you what you need or lack or must do. Listen to your own inner compass, your discernment.

You don't have to judge or discriminate anyone else, look within what it is, that asks for your attention

You are a divine being that is connected from the heart and you don't need any image placed upon you by anyone.

Know thyself and thy shall live free

We are all a fractal of the infinite rainbowspectrum of light, all a unique expression of the same consciousness.

We are all connected to the same divine sacred heart, we feel each other, see each other, we remember each other as ourself as our long lost brother or sister.

Reach out for those who need a hand, a shoulder to rest or cry for those going through dificult times, give and receive without conditions without hidden agendas, give because we can, we are strong, together as one we stand in our truth and in our light.

I love you, the wonderful being that you are, I see myself in you and I feel you.

The moments of truth will come and reveal itself in magical ways.

Stay true to your heart, embrace the love that you are.

I embrace you, for you are, who I am, look me in the eye and see you.

If anyone in any moment feels the need of an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry, we are here.

The warmth of a giving and receiving heart will shine it's light wherever it's needed.

Blessings from our Divine Sacred Heart

Willka Sunquqñan

Sacred Path of the Heart

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